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Great work, as always!

I saw this first on dA, and now that it's on NG, it's definitely getting my 5.

Where are your other works?

I'm a fan of your other works from dA, so I'm wondering where the rest of your stuff is, seeing that you would probably do really well here...

You sicken me.

Okay, that piece definitely did not make it worth my while.

Why give a PSA about SUICIDE? And why does it have to be the 'slash my wrist' method?

Sorry, everything about it was ok, technique-wise, I just found the whole concept disturbing.

michael-wolfendale responds:

Thanks, it's sopposed to be disturbing. It's the slash-the-wrist method because that's the one I hear so many people at school attempting, and it was easy to animate. Why SHOULDN'T I make a PSA about Suicide?

This is a marketing demo, not a Newgrounds movie.

Uh, sorry to burst your bubble. but I didn't really find it entertaining.

Not one bit.

I'm sure the people at Holden would appreciate the effort you put into making this, but since I don't like Holden (I'd rather a Ford win the V8 series) I'll have to say no go to this movie.

Some points for effort, though.

This piece is art in itself

This piece is quite thought provoking. Very artistic in nature, one might say. Well done!

Hmmm... mindless, but entertaining....

It's the first time I've bothered to check out a DailyToon.

It's actually very well done - the graphics are OK.

And it loops mindlessly... whoa... endless loopage... it's hypnotic, that's what it is...

IsOnFire responds:


Very well executed!

Wow, the first quality work I've had the privilege to review, and it's wonderfully impressive! Well done on the style of presentation, it really seeks to grab a viewer's attention!

I'm totally impressed! Excellent job!

Not too shabby, my friend

Pretty well done, considering it took you only 6 hours to make it.

Oh, wait, it took you 9 hours?...

The animation is pretty well done and solid. There are some details here and there (with regards to colour) that don't quite blend well, but hey, that's your style. The sound was well picked. In my opinion, it would have been better with some wind blowing (or some background noise) while the BMX boys were talking. The concept's pretty funny.

Yep, overall, well done.

Dutchin responds:

wow i'm such a big fan of yours, can i work on a piece with you please?

What have you done?

I was working with the author during the many weeks prior his finishing the project - he basically just ran out of ideas, really...

I didn't like the fact that most people judged your work based on College University. It doesn't matter if it's a blatant rip-off, it must still be regarded as an independent cartoon and as such must be judged impartially.

HOWEVER, there was absolutely no style, it was as tasteless as hell, I can't stand the sound (awful dubbing), and the whole thing was filled with gong intervals. Sir, if you ever read this review, please, drink SOMETHING before doing anything else - it's nice, but that's it.

Oh, and before I forget - there's a reason why they're called pygmy heads. (Pygmy heads are supposedly small shrunk skulls.)

(Constantly drawing up ideas for ToDA, episode 1)

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